Single field excellence is a myth

We live in a world where the expert is overrated. If you’re not specialized in one field, it raises suspicion. How can you be good at many things?

The answer is life/learning hacking.

When you only learn through the rule of 10.000 hours, when the only way you know how to become good at something is by going from basic to intermediary to expert, you need a lot of time to become sort of good at stuff.

Truth is, there are shortcuts. Failing often and fast is one. Modeling is one.

For a long time, in RPG you could only create hyperspecialized characters. If you tried to make a character that was good at many things, you created an average character at best. The more he leveled up, the more the gap between him and the other characters of the group widened.

I call bullshit on that.

Good life is multi-passionate

You can have many fields of interest and become good in all of them.

Life is long. There’s a lot you can achieve in a ten-year period if you give it focus and energy. There’s even a lot you can create in three years. Maybe not as much but there’s little that can’t be achieved in ten years. How many ten-year spans does your life contain ? Let’s say you start living purposefully at thirty and end your life at eighty. That’s five blocks of ten years. Five opportunities to become good at something. To become better than most – although, who cares about that ? – , to make five of your big dreams real (and I’m talking very BIG dreams).

Let’s say you’re a little slow and it takes you fifteen years to make a dream real. Then you can still achieve two big dreams and one smaller dream.

Where do they get off these people who tell us to focus on one area of life ? Where is the rationality in that ?

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